[Monday, August 27, 2012]

HOT NEWS! The GCB is back!

HOT NEWS! The GCB is back!

Savor great moments with the taste of a grilled whole chicken thigh, topped with groovy chargrill sauce and gorgeous iceberg lettuce, sandwiched between a gloriously toasted, warm sesame seed bun.

The GCB. It’s good to be back.

don't know whats the price but I must say I must try this because of the fries u know
i'll post if get the chance to taste this using duit raya money.hehe

the not so good part about this is its only available from 11am - 4am only, it should be made available 24hours rite

till then Happy fasting for least 2 more days and Happy Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir and Batin. Safe journey to hometown.
I'll be back to tjg karang tomorrow


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