[Sunday, April 22, 2012]

penjelasan proton on proton preve accident

Proton Edar
We would like to address concerns regarding pictures of a damaged Proton Prevé circulating on the web.

At around 4.45pm yesterday, one of our sales advisors was involved in an accident while driving from Jalan Sentul towards Jalan Pahang in KL, when the Proton Prevé that he was driving hit a divider and landed awkwardly causing the lower arm to break.

While we're happy to report that our sales advisor is unhurt, our test-drive unit, however, was damaged as a result of the accident. So, remember to buckle up and drive safe because accidents can happen - to anyone and to any car.

kesian juga
baru 1 hari lepas launch keluar gambar proton preve ni accident
tapi aku rasa ni tak patahkan semangat mereka mereka yang proton enthusiast

kalau aku ada exttttrrrraaaaa money pun aku sambar 1


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