[Sunday, August 5, 2012]

warden cabul budak sekolah

KUALA TERENGGANU: Six female students of a school in Kemaman have claimed they were molested repeatedly by a hostel warden for three months.

The incidents, which started from May until July, was committed by a 29-year-old man.
It is learnt the warden, who is married, had molested six girls – aged between nine and 14 – at the hostel while on his “rounds”.

Sources said the warden would go into the girls’ rooms late at night while other dormitory residents were asleep.

It is also learnt that the warden would touch the girls’ private parts to satisfy his lust.
Though deeply traumatised, the girls were initially afraid to report the incidents as the warden had threatened to deny the allegations and take serious disciplinary action against them.

However, after being repeatedly molested, the girls finally mustered the courage to lodge a report against the warden, as The Star reported.
Terengganu CID chief Asst Comm K. Manoharan said the students told one of their teachers last Tuesday about being the warden’s victims on a frequent basis.

“A teacher brought the girls to the Kemaman police station, where a report was lodged.
“The police wasted no time in detaining the warden at the hostel based on the report,” he told a press conference yesterday.

He said the suspect has been remanded until Aug 7 to facilitate investigations.


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