[Wednesday, March 30, 2011]

they say 1st april is xxxx, but.....there's something

they say 1st april is april fools day, but.....there's something going on behind it on that day
do you know what?

lets see what is it

its something special offeted by manhattan fish market to us!
its something that they might not offered to us before
this is something...
and this one is not april fools
this is how you want to celebrate your april fools day
just treat yourself or your loved ones with this
its just RM6.99 only
the normal price would go up to RM16
so, with the same of price with this celebration
you can get almost 3 dishes with this price

so, tell them, tell your friends
on this date, don't forget... 1 April aka this Friday
just this day

hopefully the restaurant will not blow up
and maintain the good customer service

me? not sure yet
in my heart yes i want to go
but on the actual scenario, i'm just not sure whether i can make it or not


Isaac Tan | March 30, 2011 at 2:08 PM

thanks for sharing! :)

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