[Thursday, June 4, 2009]

new fast food chain, B.Wings

new fast food chain is in town now, it is B.Wings
I don't know where they got these name
but who cares, all what people cares is the product

what do you think of this new B.Wings?
good? can be tried out? wanna go now?

I'm not their agent or partner or shareholders
just feel this is something new
can smell this B.Wings from here at USJ

anyway this shop is located at SS15 Subang Jaya
if you are nearby why not consider this shop to do your lunch or just lepakking at this B.Wings

other way, if you just want the food come to your doorstep you may call their delivery services

somemore, it has 10% discount coupon
use it at B.Wings

it's all about chicken wings business

I wonder why they not putting it C.Wings rather than B.Wings
must be related to a name of any guess?


for more info, you may browse to B.Wings website at (clickable)


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