[Monday, June 29, 2009]

healthy diet


lunch will always look like this starting now
i have no choice
i have to

no acidic foods... ggrrr
until when?
until i feel better

keropok berperisa


ada officemate baru balik dari kelantan kot
tak sempat aku nak tanye
bz hari ni

[Tuesday, June 16, 2009]

karipap putra height


breakfast aku pagi tadi
karipap beli dekat petronas putra height nun
ok jugak la karipap ni

[Monday, June 15, 2009]

cute raisin


cute raisin box
got this during the previous training held at office
never thought they had this kind raisin box, very nice and cute

kfc fiery crunch


kfc fiery crunch

[Monday, June 8, 2009]

please come back kfc


I want you KFC
please come back KFC
I miss you KFC
come back dear KFC

nasi goreng pattaya


my dinner last saturday
nasi goreng pattaya
just so-so nasi goreng pattaya
2 out of 5
will not take this nasi goreng pattaya nextime

plug and play


celcom broadband plug and play usb stick modem
celcom broadband unlimited package

something is still confusing me until now
this celcom broadband unlimited package
heard that after 5gb usage the speed will be capped and slowed down
why? isn't it should be unlimited gb? rite?

heard that digi offers up to 50gb
why is that?

we're paying for celcom broadband unlimited package rite?
I just couldn't understand

new dvd player


bought this new DVD player last week at the new carrefour USJ19
bought this new DVD player for RM89.90 during carrefour promotion
the carrefour just nearby at my office
goes there during lunch time
it is also the first time for me to go to the new USJ19 carrefour
haven't got the opportunity to go there

so far the new DVD player runs very good and nice
hopefully this can last
my last time bought a new DVD player was like 5 years ago

its just a good bargain
this also known as 'cap ayam' ehehehe
but as long as it can serve well then its enough

[Thursday, June 4, 2009]

win Proton Persona with just RM30


Take part in the GIANT Kota Damansara "Shop, Dine & Win" Contest and stand a chance to win:

Grand Prize:
Proton Persona Manual 1.6

1st Prize x 2:
Air Tickets (Economy Class) for 2 to any Worldwide Destination

2nd Prize x 2:
Philips 32" LCD TV

3rd Prize x 2:
LG 2-Door Fridge

4th Prize x 2:
Samsung Washing Machine

5th Prize x 2:
Nokia 7610 Mobile Phone

6th Prize x 2:
LG Home Theatre

Consolation Prize x 20:
RM300 Tenants Voucher

1st Draw on 30th June 2009
2nd Draw on 31st August 2009
Grand Prize Draw on 31st October 2009

To take part, spend a minimum of RM30 from any of their shop lot tenants at GIANT Hypermarket Kota Damansara. Valid for purchases from Monday to Thursday only.

For more details go to (clickable)


I can get everything here
just search for it

what about you?
have you ever try to search anything at MYSIMPLIFIEDS.COM
it's easy, convenient, and just a click

if you feels anything such not sure what to do
you can call MYSIMPLIFIEDS.COM customer service at +6014 333 1111 and ask them

it's just simplify you and me
go (clickable)

free KFC


grab your free KFC coupon at KFC website at
just print out the free KFC coupon
you may print the free KFC coupon just in black & white mode
no need for print it in color

I've tried it before

who doesn't want discount rite?

new fast food chain, B.Wings


new fast food chain is in town now, it is B.Wings
I don't know where they got these name
but who cares, all what people cares is the product

what do you think of this new B.Wings?
good? can be tried out? wanna go now?

I'm not their agent or partner or shareholders
just feel this is something new
can smell this B.Wings from here at USJ

anyway this shop is located at SS15 Subang Jaya
if you are nearby why not consider this shop to do your lunch or just lepakking at this B.Wings

other way, if you just want the food come to your doorstep you may call their delivery services

somemore, it has 10% discount coupon
use it at B.Wings

it's all about chicken wings business

I wonder why they not putting it C.Wings rather than B.Wings
must be related to a name of any guess?


for more info, you may browse to B.Wings website at (clickable)

[Tuesday, June 2, 2009]

lose weight in 3 days!!! believe me!!


do you think that I can lose weight in 3 days?
with this? do you think so?

got this yesterday from cosway
this is called fibre candy
it taste like sugus
the candy is filled with biji selasih
I wonder whether biji selasih can make me lose weight in 3 days

I believe I can lose weight in 3 days, believe me
perhaps maybe 3 kg at least

dong yi shun


having lunch here today
cost me RM7.50 including 10% tax without drinks

the food was nice

[Monday, June 1, 2009]

sour business


do you what is this?
malaysians call this "durian belanda" or its english name "soursop"
get this fruit during my stay at hometown
its very long time for me didn't eat this fruit live

while got the chance to have it, i don't miss it!


if u are wondering where all those soursop drinks come from... here is the fruit

keytiaw sup


Kaki skodeng